VibrasticLab (2014 - Now)
Currenty I am with Vibrastic Lab, Dept. of Engineering Physics, Institute Tech. of Sepuluh Nopember as lecturer, researcher and engineer. We serve wide services from vibration analysis to Acoustics including room acoustics, noise control, lighting system, fault detection and many more. Please contact us for further details.

Cepstronix Tech. (2012 - Now)
I am partially with the Cepstronix team. We provide design, engineering and research in some areas. Please contact the website: www.cepstronix.com for more information. One of our product is SainsHack.

Shimizu Seisakusho (2012-2014)
I worked at Manufacturer industry as engineer for two years three months in Shimizu Seisakusho, a customer of Honda H-One, Suzuka City, Japan. There, I do welding operation, press machine maintenance and quality control for metal part components. From all I learned there, I am interested to implement 3S (seiri, seiton, seishou) to organize workplace as well as Kaizen (continous improvement) and hanzei (self evaluation) to improve productivity.

Workshop attended

Projects done

  1. SysAdmin, Diklat Sistem Informasi Manajemen Musrenbang Kabupaten Sangatta, Kutai Timur, 2010
  2. Audit Energi PT. Pertamina TBBM Sanggaran - Bali, Desember 2014
  3. Audit Energi PT. Pertamina TBMM Manggis - Bali, Februari 2015
  4. Pengukuran RPM Motor mesin pengaduk di Sidoarjo, April 2015
  5. Pengukuran RPM dan Kontrol Temperatur, September 2015
  6. Web developing www.vibrastic.ep.its.ac.id, September 2015
  7. Noise mapping JOB-PPEJ, Bojonegoro, Oktober 2015
  8. Thermography (thermal imaging analysis), KDL, 2016
  9. Ground vibration measurement, Tunjungan area, Surabaya, 2016
  10. Railbound & Railway Noise, Juli – Desember 2016
  11. Scribe on Hazard & Operability Study (HAZOP) of Offsite Facility & Utility Facility RDMP Project RU V Balikpapan, June - July 2017.

    Technical Skill/Services:

    Scientific Computing
    Currently I am developing my skill on scientific computing with Matlab, GNU/Octave, Python and C/C++. You can consult to me your problem with those software related to science and tech (physics, biology, chemistry, machine learning, signal/image processing, and others). I will implement your idea to program as much as I can. Partially, I am also experienced on Unix/Linux command line, Git, Mercurial, Gnuplot, and other scientific software/tools. Please contact me for one-on-one tutoring on scientific computing.

    Akustik Ruang
    Our laboratory, VibrasticLab, offers wide variety of services: sound absorption coefficient measurement, STC (sound transmission class), RT60 measurement, design of room acoustics (using sketch-up, ease & ecotect), noise mapping and many more. Contact vibrasticlab for details.

    Vibration Analysis
    We also provide vibration analysis and measurement including: RPM measurement, condition based monitoring, predictive maintenance (untuk rotating machine), structur vibration, ground vibration, natural frequency measurement, rotating machine fault analysis and the similar.

    SysAdmin and Web Development
    Layanan SysAdmin meliputi rancang bangun jaringan komputer untuk kebutuhan laboratorium berbasis Linux-Windows, HPC, untuk datacenter (pusat data) dan aplikasi (running program secara remote).
    We also provide web development especially for academic purpose and conferences. Some of our works are listed at www.vibrastic.ep.its.ac.id, www.aavi.its.ac.id and others. The fee is low for academics and slightly different for commercial. Please contact for more details about pricing.

    Content writer
    I have experienced in writing English article for web content, internet marketer, product review and or other purposes. If you want to use my service to write article in English or to ask me to be re-writer/copy writer of an article, just contact me via email or social media I have provided.



    Language skill: English
    I am also very happy if someone ask me to be partner on his/her English study. Whatever subject you want to study: grammar, conversation or just to level up your English level, I will be ready, coz I am also still learning in English.
    The cost/fee..? If you life in Japan, just pick me or provide transportation to your home or the place to study English (even though in Okinawa, I will go..:D), and of course the food and accommodation if I need to stay. That's enough for me. If you pay more, I am very welcome ... :D


    費用/手数料..?日本では生活した場合、ちょうど私を選ぶか、または、ご自宅や英語を勉強するための場所(沖縄では、私は行くでしょうが..:D)に輸送を提供し、もちろん食べ物や宿泊施設私は滞在する必要がある場合それは私にとっては十分です。あなたがより多くを支払う場合、私は非常に歓迎しています... :D

    I am Ubuntu Linux user for more than 3 years. Although I am not geek, I can share what I learned, how-to install and fix problem on Linux system as long as I can solve it. You can read my post about my experience, solved problem, unsolved problem, tips and trick on GNU/Linux here. How to invite me to share my Linux experience ? Just go to café with me, and treat me a cup of coffee, and we open our Laptops while drinking coffee. Then, we learn about unity, dash, lens, libreoffice, apt-get, libreoffice (writer, calc, impress), and.... CLI (command line interface) on terminal (if you want). Just a cup of coffee? Yes. No beer please...

    私 は3年以上のためのUbuntu Linuxユーザです。私はオタクではないですが、私はそれを解決することができます限り、Linuxシステム上で問題をインストールして解決する方法 - 私が学んだことを共有することができます。あなたは、私の経験では、解決済みの問題、未解決の問題、ヒント、GNU / Linuxのここでのトリックについての私の記事を読むことができます。私のLinuxの経験を共有するために私を招待するには?ちょうど私と一緒にカ フェに行って、私にコーヒーを扱う、コーヒーを飲みながら、私達は私達のラップトップを開きます。そこで、本研究では、Unityに関するダッシュ、レンズ、LibreOfficeは、apt-getは、LibreOfficeの(作家カルク、インプレス)と、....を学ぶ端末上でCLI(コマンドラインインターフェース)(必要に応じて)。コーヒー一杯だけ?はい。いいえビールはご遠慮ください...

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