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We offer the following research theme, please contact us for more detail and discussion (in Indonesian language is OK)
  • Community-Based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign. This is competition of sound separation as listed here, The goal is very clear: create the best algorithm to separate sounds under different condition. The idea is to mimics human auditory system and most-recent algorithm like deep learning.
  • Chime is sound separation and recognition challenge using speech processing in everyday environments. Similar to the first theme, the goal is also very clear: create the best algorithm with provided noisy speech database. Click the Chime website for more details and drop me an email if you interested in this theme. Some requirements are: good at math and programming (Linux shell, Octave/Matlab) and highly motivated.
  • Sound localization with Kinect.
  • We already have kinect hardware. Inspired from here, we want to build listening device based on kinect. The goal is:
    1. Follow the azimuth (angle) of target sound source (first step)
    2. Follow the direction of target source (next step)
  • Noise mapping based on Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Currently, we use Surfer as tool to do noise map. Following the rapid growth of GIS, we want to adopt it by implementing noise map based on GIS. The tools we propose is ArcGIS with Spread-GIS or OrbisGIS Noise Map . For the initial step, we have database from the project located in East Java-based operation body.
  • Speech enhancement for underwater acoustic signal
  • After some experiment on signal enhancement by source separation method, we want to implement it for underwater acoustic signal. Please see our publication for reference.
  • Deep learning source separation and speech recognition
  • In this theme, we would implement KALDI for speech recognition of Indonesian language.
  • Automatic Fault type identification for vibration analysis
  • By using method developed in our lab, we could identify manually machinery fault by vibration and sound analysis. We would make it automatically as the vendor provided in the plant.
  • Speech transcription
  • Automatic speech transcription is tool to convert speech voice to text. We starting this research theme based on our speech database in our VibrasticLab.
  • Parametric Speaker for Selective Sound System
  • Some time, a speaker with selective direction is needed to keep privacy and maintain quietness. A parametric speaker can be designed to achieved this goal as show in the picture below.
    Parametric Speaker (Source:
  • Dodecahedron speaker for acoustic measurement - S1
  • A dodecahedor speaker is usually priced expensive while it is not used regularly. We can built this speaker for our purpose.
    Contoh dodecahedron speaker di pasaran
  • Finite Element Analysis for Vibration and Acoustics - S1
  • What I want to do is to apply FEA based on Deal.II library to analyze Acoustic and Vibration problem. You may follow this github link to get some abstraction about crack propagation with finite element. Here is the example of membrane plot with paraview,
  • Parallel programming for speech synthesize - S1
  • Speech synthesize needs long computation time to be generated by training from database by using learning methods such as Hidden Markov and machine learning. Currently, we only user serial programming to solve this problem. The proposed theme is to implement parallel programming for this task. I write an introduction to parallel programming for bash shell in Indonesian language here. 
  • Array Sound Level Meter (SLM) - S1/D3
  • Pada tema ini, kami ingin membangun SLM array skala kecil, diawali dengan dua sensor atau lebih berbasis MEMS microphone. Platform yang digunakan adalah National Instrumen, dengan pemrograman LabView (atau C/C++). Adapun hardware yang akan digunakan meliputi (hardware telah tersedia): 
  • TBA

*) Tema - tema diatas bisa dijadikan judul/tema TA, PKM / Pimnas, atau kegiatan akademik saintifik lainnya. Do not hesitate to email me for discussion.


Semester Genap 2016/2017

  • Pemrograman Komputer S1 Teknik Fisika & D3 Teknik Instrumentasi
  • Matematika 2
  • Getaran (Lintas Jalur)
  • Fisika Bangunan

Semester Ganjil 2016/2017
  • Sinyal Sistem
  • Matematika 1
  • Desain Instrumentasi
  • Teknik Optik
  • Fisika Rekayasa 1 D3 Instrumentasi
  • Matematika Terapan 1 D3 Instrumentasi

 Semester Genap 2015/2016

Semester Ganjil 2015/2016

Semester Genap 2014/201

Semester Ganjil 2014/2015

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