Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ten years blogging: Statistics and keep writing!

Actually this year is the ninth year after I started to blog in 2007. But, if 2007 is counted, this year is the tenth. You can see the difference after nine year with my somewhat seven years old blog. For comparison you can read review and statistics of my seven year blogging here (for this blog, in Indonesian language).

Writing, in my current life, is just a hobby to get benefit in my spare time. Although working in manufacturing industry, I keep writing to keep my mind open to the world. I write for fun, at least till now. I write on wide area, from engineering as my basic to social theme. In engineering, I wrote about computer science and open source project. Tweaking my laptop is another activity to get done in holiday. When I found problem with my laptop, I tried to solve it. Breaking it repeatedly till I got the solution. Then, when I got it, I write it in my blog from the scratch. That is interesting. That makes me feel life in this life.

Statistic of pageviews until August 2016
Another activity I did when I have time is traveling. Traveling to other place is very amazing. Meet new people, meet new culture, new scenery and foods! All of them are too dear to just let it gone. I take a picture from journey and write it. I tell about my journey to the people by my writing. It is very enjoyable, isn't it...?  Sometimes I wrote about something around me. When I am attending speech, I make a small note and publish it in this blog. The result? Wow! Ten years blogging have reached 291998 pageviews with monthly visitor about 7413/month. Compared to three years ago, this statistics surprised me. In 2014 the peak of monthly visitor was 4454 pageviews, but after it, it is exponentially rising up. The current peak pageviews was 13335 in October 2015.

Nothing I expected from this statistic of this free blog. I am just trying to learn from the number, implementing some search engine optimization and it works! What I want to get is the benefit by sharing in this blog, for me and for you. That's all, keep writing & keep sharing.
Monthly activity on August 2016

Lesson learned from blogging:
  1. Ikatlah ilmu dengan menuliskannya: Fasten your knowledge by wrote it.
  2. The more you share (write), the more you get.
  3. The future is openness.
  4. Anything else? Many.
Tips on Blogging:
  1. If you think the information is useful for you and other, write it.
  2. Let it flow, don't make target. If you want to write just write, if you wont, don't.
  3. Move dynamically, don't stuck on one topic.
  4. Learn to write, write to learn.
  5. Grab the keywords, from the market.
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