Thursday, March 17, 2016

Learn Python the Hardway : The work flow

Really, I want to say; I hate python programming. But, when I said something bad, the bad will come to me again and again. So, let's to to stop it. Python is interpreter language or scripted language. It doesn't need to compile like C or C++. It seems the easiest (programming) language to learn. How to learn it? How to master it? what is the hard way to learn as fast as possible? Here the work flow:
  1. Do all exercise in Learn Python The Hardway by hand (type, not copy paste), from Exercise 1 to Exercise 39.
  2. Solve the Project Euler Problem, Problem number 1, 2, 3, 14, 17, 57, 79 and 102 with Python.
  3. Learn the basic concept of python and advanced it with python object oriented programming. 
  4. Learn from software carpentry python lesson.
That's all, do it. You'll master the python on the hard way method. That is one of the most important thing that I got from the workshop of scientific computing.
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